We started with the mindset of being more of a personable business that is able to reach anyone around the world with our seamless systems and software. A benefit of technology is being able to assist individuals and businesses no matter the location. We make it more accessible for anyone to understand how to save more time and money with our services.

The systems we use for our business allow for there to be no need to mail in information such as engagement letters, tax forms, nor invoices. For example, our tax preparation application is designed to promote ease in e-filing our clients' tax returns. Also, we take pride in being a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, specializing in assisting new businesses in setting up personal workflows that work best for their business.

No one should ever be without the resources to learn how to manage their finances, take advantage of the tax system, and run a successful business. D. Howard & Associates LLC is committed to assisting all people from all backgrounds on this ultimate journey to financial freedom and wealth. We are extremely grateful for being your new one-stop shop for providing efficiency for your finances!

Working with DeVon has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve worked with him on both my business bookkeeping and personal taxes. Every time we meet I learn something new that I wish I would’ve known years ago. He’s helped me grow in a lot of financial aspects as well as strengthened my business. I’m overly grateful for his services and can’t wait to continue working together in the future!

- Bri'ana S.

Devon has been a big help since I have been doing business with him. Honest, on point with issues I was having and very prompt with responses. I highly recommend!!

- Cleaning Mechanics

DeVon Howard was quick and precise in handling my tax problems ....
I am very happy with the outcome of his expertise in this matter!!!

- James F.

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